Sobre mí:
GEL and I are two peas in a pod: we both agree that learning a language can be accomplished most efficiently when both student and teacher are thinking outside the page. In my experience both learning and teaching languages, I’ve found that the fastest and most comprehensive learners are those that can relate class activities to their daily lives—students who are able to interact with, speak from personal experience about, and most hopefully, ENJOY the material they’re presented with. My goal is to educate you as thoroughly as I possibly can in the art of the English language, and in doing so, make absolutely sure, beyond any doubt imaginable, that you’re having fun in the process.
I am a diehard New York Yankees, Rangers, Giants and Knicks fan (facts that more often than not leave me disappointed) and a regular basketball player at the court on Carrera 37; I’d be happy to teach you a thing or two on the court once we’ve finished class :). As much as I love sports, my real passion is for music; I’m an avid pianist and songwriter and I love to use music/music videos in my lessons.

Mi experiencia

  • Kramer Levin Naftalis Frankel LLP, New York, 2018
Split time in the firm’s Intellectual Property and Litigation departments
Participated in all phases of many high-profile, IP and general litigations/appeals as a key member of several trial teams
  • Bennett & Read, LLP, Southampton, NY, 2015
Assembled and proofread pre-closing statements for clients, attorneys, title company reps, etc. to review at real estate closings
Recorded checks, interest fees, and balances on the firm’s IOLA and EMA ledgers
  • Nativity School of Worcester, Worcester, MA, Tutor/Educator, 2013
Tutored underserved students in various subjects, including but not limited to English, social studies, religion, mathematics and Spanish
Adopted the local curricula and synthesized them into simple, straightforward formats easily digestible to the students.


  • College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, 2013
  • Bachelor of Arts, History
  • Other Studies: Comparative Politics, International Relations, Judeo-Christian Theology & World Religions, American Constitutional Law, Music Theory & Composition, Ancient and Modern Philosophy, Spanish


  • English
  • Spanish


  • American